2006 City Ordinances

Fox Chase has ordinances collected in this area for viewing. The documents are typically stored as scanned PDF’s. Please use the PDF viewer of your choice to access the information.

Ordinance 2006-01: An ordinance establishing the compensation for the city councilpersons and the mayor of the City of Fox Chase, Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Ordinance 2006-05: An ordinance providing for the continuity of municipal government in conformity with the provisions of KRS 39 Et. Seq.

Ordinance 2006-07 : An ordinance relating to flood damage prevention, establishing standards, permit requirements, costs, punishments for violations of these requirements and appeal procedures for the City of Fox Chase.

Ordinance 2006-08 : An ordinance relating to the prohibition against noise pollution in the City of Fox Chase.

Ordinance 2006-10 : An ordinance relating to the regulation of signs and providing penalties for violations of the regulations within the city of Fox Chase.